Thursday, November 29, 2012

Surviving High School

Surviving High School

For most of us Torresians, high school is a very long and tedious journey. Faced with numerous people, several subjects and countless deadlines, indeed you really have to work hard for that diploma.
So here are some of my tips that come from my own experiences Surviving High School

Make TIME work for you, not the other way around!

Projects, theme papers and assignments, these are the things we need to get done every time we get home. Don’t forget your Math time, English time, Sci Time, every time! It’s so ironic that students often complain that they don’t find the time to answer all of these modules.

But the secret is one thing ... time management. With so many distractions like facebook, computer games, textmates, and t.v. we sometimes overlook that we have work to do. Admit it, when you research on your assignments, do we just take a peek to update our FB status? But as soon as we hear that familiar ‘ping’, we throw everything out the window!

In the end, we don’t realize how much time has passed and we find ourselves shocked to find a mound of things to do.

To solve this problem, we must budget our time. Prioritize things that need to be done ASAP, then things that can wait then entertainment. We should always stay focus. Never let things get in the way from your priorities, you will always have plenty of time to do these other things later.

It would also help a lot if we could work ahead of time. Instead of cramming for one night, we can do the project little by little. We are accustomed to the Manana habit, waiting ‘till the last minute to accomplish a task.

Time can be the greatest ally but also the worst enemy.

Ace that test!

If we can’t find time to do projects, how can we also find time to review on a quiz or exam?

To be frank, you do not have to do intensive review to ace an exam. An exam or any form of test is a measure of your comprehension of the lesson/ Therefore, in order to do well, you only need to listen during class discussion.

The reason why most students fail is because of two main reasons. Either the students is cutting classes or they are busy doing something else.

Try your best to take down notes. Since you already know the topic very well, use your notes to refresh your mind on major points that need to be emphasized.

Finally, do not rely on the assurance that your ‘cheat mate’ have all the answers. Getting caught is a big problem, so don’t copy at all or you’ll end up getting zero in [the first place!]

Dealing with peer pressure

We definitely need friends in high school. It’s impossible to live without friends. But sometimes we are forced to do things that are wrong like smoking, taking drugs, or drinking alcohol. This is called peer pressure.

To avoid peer pressure, asses the people you hang-out with. Make prudent decision in choosing who your friends are. Avoid any gangs, hoods, sororities, and fraternities at all cost. Peer influence is the main cause if teen pregnancy, drug addiction or even worse ... death!

It definitely pays off to see who will contribute to success than to see yourself in the wrong crowd!

As I go to my conclusion, I hope you learned a lot of things. I hope you’ll find my advices helpful. I wish everyone a good luck in surviving the harsh, winding, confusing and oh so long journey in life we call HIGH SCHOOL!

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