Thursday, November 29, 2012

Internet ala Vending Machine!

As fast as a dengue outbreak, Pisonets have been sprouting out of nowhere like mushrooms. You observe three or five units one day and the next day you see 12,14 or even 20 lining up the streets of your neighborhood. What makes these little computers so popular is because that for just one peso you can have four minutes in using the internet, which is quite enough to quickly check your status

Pisonets are these boxed personal computers (PC) that only contain the complete basics. If you open a Pisonet unit you will be surprised to see only a motherboard, and internet modem, and a timer. Combined with a monitor, keyboard and mouse the Pisonet is ready to go. To use it just simply put a one peso coin in the insert slot (just like an arcade game) and, voila, you have four minutes to use the PC.

Pisonets definitely gives you more of that “bang for your peso”. In 
computer cafes five pesos gives you 15 minutes and ten pesos gives you 30 minutes. Pisonets on the other hand give you 20 minutes per 5 pesos and 40 minutes per 10 pesos. Pisonets definitely lets you peso “go the extra minute.” There is definitely a significant difference between Pisonets and Internet Cafes.

The reason Pisonets are patronized by the young people because Pisonets do not require you to stay for a set period of time. If you think your done with your project, you can simply stop inserting coins and leave. Internet cafes on the other hand have a 15 minute minimum while Pisonets don’t.

No need to walk long distances to use a PC. Pisonets like mushrooms are everywhere. Your nearest Pisonet is always just a stone’s throw away. They are very convenient especially if your parents won’t allow you to go very far.

Although Pisonets do not have USB ports, you can send your documents, projects and pictures to your local print shop. No need to worry about corrupt flashdisks that have lost all your important data.

But we must always be cautious in using Pisonets since everyone can see what you are doing, the pages you visit, your account, and even worse, your password. When you log in cover your keyboard so that no one will be able to see what your password is. Pay close attention to the people around you. Look around once in a while and see if anyone is looking at your account profile. Also be sure to DELETE any files that are connected to you ESPECIALLY PHOTOS that you have downloaded or uploaded because it  can be used for scamming other people. Erase your browsing history, be sure to remove any trace of your internet usage sp that people will not be able to hack your accounts or use your name in fooling others.

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