Friday, July 26, 2013

Growing up too fast

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Another year is closing on me as I celebrate my birthday. I come to a realization that I’ve been acting way older for my age. Perhaps it would be a fine time to slow down and enjoy my youth.

I’ve heard many times before about people wishing to go back to the ‘glory days’ of youth. The look on their faces shows reluctance. Sometimes, I focus too much on who I want to be, without taking notice of who I am now. I get so frustrated about the limitations of being my age, not aware of how overwhelming it is in the real world.

It’s crazy how when I was in grade school I wanted so bad to start highschool, and when I was a senior I was itching to become a college student. And now in my tertiary level of education, I’m dying to gain independence and go on working. My Algebra teacher told me that the moment you become an employee, you’ll miss the student life.

Sometimes, I get all cocky inside thinking of how much I could change the world around me. But kind-to-think of it, the change within me hasn’t come to an end yet. In short, I’m still not ready. I shouldn’t think about all of the problems of the country that much yet, I should look out for myself first.

I can’t turn back time to get myself to think younger, but the best I can do is to start now. It’s fun to be young, sure there are rules, but there aren’t that much obligations to deal with. The vitality that we posses, our life, is brightly glowing. Though we have the occasional pimples, I still don’t have wrinkles or a balding head to worry about.

One such thing that is synonymous with youth, is the sweetness of the eternal feeling of love. I used to say, “I love you, and I will marry you.” Chessy right? Though treating your partner like someone you would marry, I find myself not ready to think about those. Yes love is delightful, yet I’m not at that age yet to take too seriously.

I should have fun. Enjoy my life. I ought to avoid overburdening myself with problems that aren’t there in the first place! After all, we are only young once in our lives. I am growing up way too fast, time to take a breather, and live like I should—like my age.   
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