Friday, February 8, 2013

Almost There

Almost there


High School, we started off as a bunch of teens simply awed by a new chapter in our life. Met new friends, exposed to a new environment, stayed up late, did a lot of homework, went to prom, went to your first date, loved somebody, hated somebody, broke you heart. This is high school.

High school taught me to be independent. I didn't rely on my parents as that much anymore. I learned to stand on my own two feet. I learned how to budget not only my money due to the many projects that we have but also to budget time.

High School presents a lot of new things to us. This is the time when we make friends, friends that will accompany us through one of the most important parts of our lives. High school is a bore if it is all work and no play. It is not all about gaining you knowledge about the world but also gaining new knowledge about yourself.

High school is a spiritual journey. A journey of self discovery. People change a lot during these times. And friends do play a part in this. We learn to interact, to talk to people to socialize.
my classmates, my family
Challenges don’t come one at time but more often than not all at the same time. We are tested to our limits. Assignments due tomorrow, impossible projects on the same day, a dance presentation the day after that, and so on, so many things to do so little time, welcome to high school.

Time passes by quickly

Sometimes we wish it would just end. That the barrage of things to do would stop. That we should just get our diploma and say good bye to high school. And now, now that we are seniors, now that we are just months away from graduation, we stop. We actually don’t want it to end. How ironic that we used to say “I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE NOW!”, now we are actually saying that we don’t want to. We actually want to stay.
my Computer gaming buddies @ JS Prom

We feel the end coming. We all feel the days are numbered, that the moments are just only a few. That we will at the end of the day, say good bye to each other, that we all have to go to different colleges, that there we might never see each other again for a long time.

I’ll sure miss these days, days that I would stay up late doing my projects, days that my friends and I would hang out after school and play computer games. We laughed, we cry. We share moments that we wish would never end.

I’ll miss my teachers who have molded me not as a better student but actually a better person. I’ll miss the morning rush, walking as fast as I can praying that I won’t be late for my first class. I’ll miss the days that we are together through both the good and the bad times.

I can’t possibly imagine how 4 years of high school pass by so quickly. Wow. I can hardly believe that all of these will soon be coming to a close. Now, I lay here on my bed reminiscing, remembering the highlights of my high school life.

Now the road that we are all walking together seems to end, and we all see new paths. New paths that will, sadly, separate us.

Savoring each moment left

I think that the limited time left actually is a good thing. That knowing the fact that we are going to graduate actually encourages us to enjoy each moment that create every day, no matter how small, no matter how irrelevant it may seem.

a very special friend of mine since 1st year high school
We laugh a little harder. We cry a little longer. And we smile a little brighter.

As the end goes ever near, we talk about our plans, our dreams, and our aspirations. Where will you go to college? What would be you job after that? Will I get married?

It is so cool that we won’t be remembering when we all went to a fancy vacation, when we went to a fancy restaurant, and when we all went to the spa. No, we won’t be remembering these things, the things we will be remembering are: the jokes we shared while we are eating lunch, the time that we all got humiliated by our teacher for not being able to solve a math equation, the moments we just sat down and talked, but most importantly the thing we will remember the most, are just merely simple moments. Moments that we would just hang out and chill, listen to the music, and just dance like crazy.

an outing to a resort



                                                                                             It’s not the end of a book, but rather a beginning of a new chapter

Now that I think about it. It’s not really an end. As the saying goes:

“We don’t say goodbye, we say till next time”

with a couple of friends with our teacher 
We are nearing the finish line. We are definitely almost there. High school was one heck of a journey. But I know better things are yet to come, I just know it.

Sure we might hug, share a few tears, shake hands, say our best wishes, but we will never forget each other.

I know that somehow we will all find our way back together.

Now, I am just that more exited for graduation. It’s not that I don’t want to see them again but I know that we must all part ways for a while, maybe meet new friends, make new experiences, and study some more.

I love high school. I love every second of it. I love the people that go with it too. But most importantly, the moments that are not REMEMBERED but rather NEVER FORGOTTEN.

And maybe years from now, we might be doing these things again. Making and sharing new memories.
So yeah, we are almost there but that doesn’t mean we will never meet again.

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