Friday, January 18, 2013

Nationwide Gun ban doesn't help at all!

Nationwide Gun ban doesn't help at all!

Civic Societies move to have a nationwide gun ban quickly following the dreadful death of seven-year-old Stephanie Nicole Elle on New Year’s eve and the recent shooting rampage in Kawit, Cavite last January 4. However, a simple gun ban will not help in reducing these cases. Responsible gun ownership and stricter law enforcement are need in order for these gruesome tragedies to never again happen.

            According to the Philippine National Police (PNP), the country has a total of 550,000 loose firearms. These firearms are illegally acquired and are in the hands of criminals.

            Therefore, the reason why shooting sprees happen is because some gun owners do not have licensed guns, nor are they actually mentally fir to own weapons.

            Since people won’t have the right to bear arms then they won’t have the means of protecting themselves during a possible robbery, endangering them even more. Having a nationwide gun ban will actually do more harm than good.

            And as the saying goes: “ If you outlaw guns, then only outlaws can have guns.” Citizens are left defenseless against thugs and criminals.

            Guns can be easily bought at black markets and criminals will have no trouble having guns to use for the next hold-up. The people are at the mercy of bandits with high caliber guns.

            Senator Joker Arroyo stresses stricter law enforcement considering we already have laws on gun control.

            To prevent crimes using guns, the government should focus on catching illegal vendors of guns to cut the supply of guns. It would also help if we pursue the 550,000 loose firearms in the country.

            Acquiring a firearm is no joke. In order to get a license you have to undergo several tests to prove you are stable enough to handle a gun. Then to have a gun while outside the home is another story, you need to have a “permit to carry.”

            Considering the barrage of tests, it’s safe to say that the licensed gun owners are responsible.

            In the end, a gun ban wouldn't change a thing, it would actually make the situation worse. The government should focus on enforcing the laws it already has on gun control and due process on licensing gun owners. 

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