Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dear Mom

Epic face with epic mom

Dear Mom,

Happy Mothers' Day!

Thank you mom, for everything. The dedication, the will, the perseverance to raise me and my 3 other siblings. It takes a lot of blood and sweat to raise a litter that big. And for that I salute you.

The Fave four, the guys that piss mom off 

Mom, I do try to not say how much I love you, but rather show it. I do love you mom, I idolize you, and you can't tell how proud I am to be your son!

(ehem) (cough) (cough)  You don't know how lucky I feel that I have a mom that is beautiful like you. (cough)


But, I'll stop the flattering now. On to business.

Mom a few months ago, I aspired to become an honor student, (I am who I am) and now? Finally I have reached my goals. And I couldn't have done it without you.

when I brought home my first trophy

Because of you, I kept on going. No matter how hard seems got, I always had you by my back, offering not help with my homework but with something far far more greater, you helped me with morale support.

During Recognition day

You inspire me to be the best  I could be. And that inspiration has gone a long way.
at a national quiz bee

I've always see to it mama, that you are proud of me. And I keep this in mind, every time I have a contest. You have always been my lucky charm. When I think about it, if you weren't by my side, I might not have won a single trophy.

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crowned as Eco King

Mom, I hope that I did make you proud, because all of my achievements, everything I have done, every single minute I have invested for education, --guess what?--- is for you.

I do feel awfully sorry if I tend to get to your nerves sometimes, I'm a teen, and you know that. But I do all I can to make you happy. I thank you, because you don't treat me only as your son, but also a bestfriend, whom you confide with. I'm happy that when we have problems, I have a say to suggest solutions (even if I am the problem sometimes.)

Just remember mom, that that sooner or later that it's not just trophies or medals, that I will give you, there is more than that, what I really want to give you someday, is success. I want to share my success with you.

Epic mom, makes, epic children

I will always be here mom, no matter what happens, no matter how pissed off you are at me, no matter how much i let you feel like you wished I was never born, I will still be there.

Through good and bad, thick and thin, I will always be there, thank you mom, for everything.

I love you.

Your Pabidang Anak
(Your Superstar Son),

Adrian James
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